Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Lunch

The remains of my Christmas lunch. I think it was lemon meringue pie for dessert...I ate that first. This meal was actually served warm (not hot..warm) and the ham was real. Most of it was palatable, but the potatoes were pretty blah.

I hope that I never have to eat institutional food again in my life. Meals were always a surprise. Didn't matter what you got what you got. Not once did I get the measly piece of bacon I asked for...low salt diet, doncha know. We won't discuss the packets of salt that were on every tray I got.... Christmas dinner was supposed to be roast beef, I got stuffed shells (and I don't think they were Stouffers). More often than not the food was cold...not warm, was tasteless...some of it went back to the kitchen on the spot it was so grossly unappetizing. One learned to save the cookie or the crackers. I had pop brought in and that was the mainstay of my diet. Finally, near the end I had FOOD brought in. Many of my readers know that I work in Foodservice...that my company brokers the products that one will find in schools, hospitals etc. I guess when you eat that food under optimum conditions, ie it is cooked properly, served hot it isn't so bad....but I have to tell you.....if ever you have to stay at one of those places....bring your own groceries. I should mention here that the facility I was at was one of the better ones out there. I heard that over and over from my co-inmates who had been at other places, and from people visiting.

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