Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking the Rules

So this was supposed to be a picture a day that would give you a small idea of my daily life. Until I "catch up" on all that has happened, it will be anybody's guess as to how many posts there are every day.....especially since I am a prisoner in my own home (a good thing...much better than being a prisoner in rehab).

Fentanyl (sp)....a fast acting trip to hell.....I would rather deal with the pain than the effects of that. Imagine being a motion sickness maven, riding backwards in an ambulance, under the effects of a drug that makes you think the ambulance just took off and is now flying? Yeh.

In ER they gave me something for the nausea and something for everything else..xrayed the ankle, knocked me out to do the reduction and after that ... who knows.

The time I spent in hospital presents itself as a series of mist-enshrouded dreams, vague and shapeless and out of sequence...nameless faces and faceless names...voices in the middle of the night talking about "vitals"...the sting of yet another needle trying to find a vein...soundless TV...monitor alarms...a disembodied voice announcing "CodeBlue"....(oh Lord, please don't let it be me).

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