Sunday, December 21, 2008

Miss Me??

So last Tuesday evening I got home from work and decided to take the dog for a little was snowing and she loves snow...we bundled up and off we went...til I hit the ice at the other end of my building and went was a "good" fall...landed on my butt...didn' hurt my back....but foot hurt like a son of a gun and what was that weird bump sticking out above my boot?

How I wish I had my camera with me. I could have taken some good pics for y'all. I have been laid up in the orthoopedics ward since tuesday night. The ER guys did a "reduction" and got my bones into somewhat normal shape, but the ortho surgeons came in and after looking at the xrays, decided it was a case of SURGERY! I can't remember if they did it Wednesday or Thursday, but I do remember driving down to surgery. I have been on some pretty neat drugs all week so I can't remember anything {I fell asleep on the phone while talking with two different people) .. The pain is small and tolerable.

They will try and send me to granny rehab tomorrow...they will start the search in the am and with luck I will be out of here by late afternoon.. I cannot be alone until I can use the walker and the crutches really well...I guess.

Abby is having herself a very merry little time at Robin's with Sunday and Jupiter.

I am not sure when I will be starting this thing up again...soon as I can get some pics and internet access.

Hope you all have a great Christmas. I am hoping I didn't miss all the festivities at rehab.

I don't want to go to rehab....I say no no no.......

The silver lining....? It is horribly cold out there and I don't have to go out.

I don't want to go to rehab....I say N O...NO NO


  1. The fun never stops, Granny. sheesh! I hope you still had a wonderful Christmas! Will you be ready for New Year's Eve?!? Maybe you need a few weeks in the south for R&R.

  2. Get well quickly. Want to see more pictures.