Saturday, December 13, 2008


I awoke today to an instant message from Shay, asking for my recipe for "melt in the mouth cookies"...Justin told her they were the best...and she needed it ASAP. So out came the cookbook that I have been using for holiday baking for the last 40 years (Yikes). As you can see, it has had a lot of use...that round cookie in the center is the "melt in the mouth" and they ARE the best.

The cookbook is one of 12 volumes that the A & P sold back in the so many $$ worth of groceries and get a volume a week for a buck (I think). My mother got me all twelve. I think she knew I was going to need all the help I could get.

I have heard from Shay..she says they are sooooo good and Justin gave them his stamp of approval.


  1. I'm thinking you should make some and send them to them in their Christmas gifts. We do know how great your cupcakes are too. G

  2. I had that picture too.OMG a memory! I must have gotten rid of that book when I moved. Please send me the recipe.