Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yet Another...

...Sunrise...sorry folks...but I do have this thing about sunrise/sunsets (hmmm  sounds like a song title).  After voting last week I walked ouside and this was in the sky to greet me.  Doesn't matter which camera I used, nothing can compare (hmmm  another song title) to the reality of nature.  I considered cropping out the lamp post, but I didn't want to lose the bit down in the corner....


  1. Lovely Pat, Never apologize for having a thing about that.. me too. I wasnt bothered by the lamp post. Mind a tip here... if you decrease your exposure you will get those awesmome colours really pumped up. Remember P

  2. Was my point and shoot... :( But thanks :)

  3. With a point and shoot.. you can trick it's meter by pointing it at the brightest part of the sky , holding the shutter button halfwaydown, and reframe it to catch everything. It will then expose for the brightest part. thereby overexposing the rest. v